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Learn Three Super-Secret Advertising Techniques

Implement these in your ads to crush your competition. Why aren’t more businesses using them?

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Advertising Through Hypnotic Techniques:

A special webinar with Clinical Hypnotherapist Wendi Friessen

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This Is Your “Marketing Intervention”

Far too many radio and television sales executives and advertising agencies sell the “sexiness” of marketing.

What they should be selling is how advertising will bring money back into the business.

Business owners are great at owning their business. The problem is most are horrible marketers…and they’re being sold a bad (or false) bill of goods.

The radio and television performers hired to deliver these advertising messages aren’t being taught the proper way to do so.

It’s time you were told the pure, unfiltered truth about advertising…from someone who does it every day.

Bring In The Expert Public Speaker, Coach, Author

There are plenty of “experts” out there preaching about radio and television advertising. But they don’t have nearly the resume I do.

After training many years in higher courses of advertising — including psychology business owners, your sales staff and on-air talent will learn the fundamental building blocks of effective marketing. Fast.

General Managers, Sales Managers, And Program Directors: Ask Yourself…

Does your on-air staff and talent know the Hollywood secrets to voice acting?

I’ll teach your staff how to implement these tactics quickly, which leads to an immediate improvement in their performance.

Who’s writing your script copy? Do the know the 6 Key Components to creating effective advertising? By using actual on-air commercials, I’ll show you exactly how to implement them to create more effective scripts the same day.

For Radio Stations:

In just two days, I’ll completely alter the way your sales staff and on-air talent view commercials with my Radio Advertising Crash Course. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Public Speaker Availability:

Perfect for college radio / television courses, business owner associations, state and national broadcasters organizations, and convention and visitor bureaus with large business owner bases.

I condense the most important parts of my traning into very small, easily comprehensible portions.

Get The Best Advertising Coach In The Industry 

Tim Burt has:

  • Written, recorded, and/or produced over 10,000 commercials in my 20+ year career for some of the largest global corporations – and the smallest businesses 
  • Generated millions of dollars for businesses world-wide
  • Created and authored the world’s only online marketing tutorial for restaurants: The Restaurant Marketing Series “Move Your Food”